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Site Upgrade

Want to add some bells and whistles to your site? Upgrading your web site can seem like a tremendous task. Some design companies can charge outrageous prices for simple content updates or design overhauls.

We believe you should have the site you want without paying high prices. Our low overhead allows us to keep our prices low while providing high-quality experienced service.

Want a fresh look but don't know where to start? All you need to do is point us to your current web site address and we'll send you complimentary site recommendations. We will work within your budget to provide the most for the least cost to you.

Point us in the right direction!

My web site is a wreck

If you've ever tried to create your own website you know that there are some things you simply need an expert for. That's where we come in. As experienced html coders, we can spot your problems and fix them fast. In the process we can also add some SEO coding to increase your traffic.

Content Updates

Need to update your website content? We provide fast friendly service to get your updates online. Your content is edited and updates with minimal interruption.

We provide content changes to:

  • Textual edits
  • Gallery updates and additions
  • Updated images and graphics
  • SEO

Textual updates are done offline and then uploaded for less interruption to your online traffic. Any graphic, image or video changes are provided for approval online before releasing live.

For those of you looking to update your online gallery, we can provide easier ways to provide updated site content to further cut your costs.

Most content changes can be done within a day. Charges are based on an hourly fee.

Tired of trying to get ranked without results?

We'll add coding to track what keywords are getting attention on your website. With your help we can turn some of those attention-getters into real customers.

All work is billed hourly and we work as efficiently as possible so you can get on with the business of selling online.

Need more content?

One reason sites do not get ranked high enough is there isn't enough content (web pages and text per page) for the search engines to notice you. If you feel your website might be on the light side for content, contact us for a free site review. We'll send suggestions on how much content you should be adding.