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Search Engine Marketing

Sites that appear on Google's first Search Engine Report Page (SERP) receive considerably higher conversion rates. Within the first month of a website's appearance on Google's SERP, conversion rates rose 142 percent. The second month recieved even greater rates.

In addition to that JupiterResearch, reports that 87% of all search engine referrals come from organic listings, not paid (PPC, CPC).

Organic Search

What does this mean to you? It means organic search is the single most important factor when selling online. If you're not paying attention to your SEO or SEO trends, you're missing out. Everything you do in regards to your online presence should take this into consideration.

How Search Engine Optimization Affects Adwords

SEO matters even more now that Google is applying the same logic it uses for search to adwords. If you've been using adwords and making a decent profit, you may suddenly see a change in your google campaigns.

So why would google change things up? The reason is simple. Because they make a living offering relevant search.

For small businesses this is great news because it also eliminates what I would refer to as keyword hogs or websites with deep pockets who look to cut out smaller more relevant sites.

So what does all this mean to you?

It means you should be looking more closely at your site's optimization for searchable keywords. If your website is not ranked within the top 10 for your keywords, you may want to invest in a company that can optimize your search engine keywords for you. There are numerous steps that need to be taken to keep your site on the top.

How to Get Ranked

Getting ranked is a tricky thing. The rules are constantly changing. Here is just a sample of the things you need to give attention to when creating a website:

  • Titles, pages names, keywords and content should all reflect your focused keyword
  • You get points off for too many keywords on your html pages
  • All images should be tagged with key phrases
  • And the list goes on...

If you've never looked at html code, all of this makes no sense to you which is where Access Point Graphics comes in. Every new or updated web page by APG contains SEO techniques. If you opt in for full site-wide search engine marketing the following is included:

  • Keyword search. You get a list of the top 5 suggested keywords for search engine optimization for your online market.
  • Page optimization. Pages are optimized for each keyword to drive traffic.
  • Search engine submission. Your site is submitted to the top 10 search engines.
  • Search engine marketing. APG also provides a suggested to-do-list to gain higher rankings.

Different packages are available for every budget. Your site can be optimized for keywords, submitted to search engines and tracked to see what terms work for you. Through this ongoing analysis, we can discuss what strategies you have available to start converting your traffic into sales.

Contact us for a free estimate and free website evaluation. Find out what your website is missing.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing