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Relevant Marketing

What is relevant marketing?

One-to-one, VDP, direct marketing, personalized media. All of these things are just another term for relevant marketing.

Why is relevant marketing important to you?

Relevant marketing can provide a way to exponentially improve your sales efforts. By combining your segmented mail list with a tailored message, your direct mail and e-mail campaigns become more personal, focused and relevant to each recipient.

Many list companies exist of the internet, but by carefully maintaining your own list you can increase your current sales and your customer base.

How to market with more relevance

This is still a fairly new way to market which means the technology is still growing. To take advantage of these new methods ensure your designer and printer have both worked with variable data print files before. Even the most experienced designer or printer may have not yet even heard of this new technology.

Access Point Graphics has an on staff VDP expert with vast experience in variable data implementation across various media. Whether you are looking to send emails that are more relevant or improve your direct mail response, APG is here to help. We not only offer VDP design services but can help steer you in the right direction when deciding on an experienced printer. Contact us for more information.