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Create a PDF for print

Before creating a PDF for print you need Adobe Acrobat software to create a PDF file. If you do not wish to purchase Adobe Acrobat, contact us to convert your file.
(NOTE: Acrobat versions and computer systems do differ. Please view your Acrobat instructions for more detail)

>>Get Adobe Acrobat

If any of your images or color runs right up to the edge of your document, you will want to add some room to your document (from 8.5" x 11" to 8.75" x 11.25") and extend your color or photo. All paper slides when cut and if room (known as a bleed) is not allowed for this your document will most likely end up with a white edge where it was trimmed

Acrobat generally works in any design or business program. To convert your file to PDF format, go to File/Print. This will bring up the print window.

print menu

Click on the preferences button to select your Acrobat settings. Select high-quality print from the drop-down menu.

high-quality print

After you've selected print quality, check paper orientation under the layout tab. If using PowerPoint, change the direction to landscape.

paper orientation

Click the Advanced button. Double check your paper size here. If you intended paper size is not selected, click the drop-down menu to select a different size.

paper size

Then simply click OK and your PDF will be created. If it does not open automatically when done, find your PDF and open it to ensure all fonts and images are as they should be.