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Personalized Direct Mail Design

Raise response rates even higher by transforming traditional direct mail into highly targeted communications by personalizing your direct mail. By integrating psychographic and/or demographic behaviors, each direct mail piece can be as personal as each recipient. Why is this so effective? Because everyone prefers the personal (Dear John) to the impersonal (Dear friend).

Direct mail that integrates personalization or VDP cuts waste, saves money and improves communication accuracy. Your message focuses on those segments which are most interested in your organization while providing them with relevant communications. So let's get to it.

Personalizing your direct mail doesn't have to be rocket science. Adding small things like your recipient's first name in your headline can start you on your way to personalization heaven.

For years marketers have known that sending information that is relevant for each audience can vastly improve response. By utilizing variable data technologies, you can now send all your campaigns with one print run. What that means to you is lower cost, higher response yield. So think in terms of segments and messages. Design each campaign as you would normally, keeping in mind that the more "templatized" you make your design, the eaiser your setup will be.

The best way to do this for print is with Adobe Indesign layers. Each campaign can be assigned its own layer offering maximum flexibility for your design.

For online personalized campaigns, use one template with text blocks and switching images. Adjust all images to the same size to keep things running smoothly. Text blocks can be switched in entirety.

Work closely with your vendor to supply as much as you can to keep your costs low. Hire a designer who is familiar with variable data design to minimize your costs.

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