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Internet marketing

Marketing your business on the internet is part of doing business in the world today. How well you accomplish this task can determine how ell your business does.

Think of Internet marketing is an ongoing part of your everyday business. If marketed right, you can reach thousands of new customers every day. If done wrong, no one will ever know your website exists.

Why PPC, CPC isn’t the way to go

Jupiter Research reports that 87% of online consumers buy through organic search. What this means is that anyone paying for PPC or CPC is paying for something that doesn’t have a great return rate. Your time and money as a business is better spent investing in web position and organic internet marketing.

That’s not to say that PPC or CPC are not useful. If you have a new website and are looking for immediate traffic, you’ll have to pay for your traffic. Most sites generally do not get ranked for a few months. If your ranked and trying to break into a new market, or if you want to improve your numbers then PPC may be right for you.

What you should know about PPC, especially in regards to google adwords, is that the relevancy (or what google sees) on your website also has an effect on your adwords position. That is to say, that if your site has not been optimized to sell green hawaiian board shorts, you can bet that your adword for green hawaiian board shorts will also not be in a good position in adwords.

SEO importance in Internet Marketing

What it boils down to is this. Optimizing your website is the single most important factor of selling online.

So how do you figure out what to optimize your site for? There are various free online tools that will give daily traffic for searched keywords. The first step is figuring out what you think your keywords are, and then looking to see what online consumers are searching in relation to those terms. Be careful not to be too broad in your keyword selection. You want to be optimized not only for general terms but more importantly for buying terms.

What is a buying keyword?

A buying keyword is a specific phrase online consumers will search for when they are ready to buy online. An example would be: ice cream vs. Mocha Mint Swirl ice cream.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing