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Create a brochure from PowerPoint

Create a Brochure from PowerPoint Create a Brochure from PowerPoint Create a Brochure from PowerPoint Create a Brochure from PowerPoint

Most designers will laugh if you ask them how to create a brochure using PowerPoint. PowerPoint is not the friendliest design tool for print and it is not recommended that you use PowerPoint for design. But if you're like the many thousands of business professionals who own PowerPoint and have already gone through the trouble of creating a brochure, then you've come to the right place.

Build your framework

First, go through your entire document and ensure all your fonts are consistant. Headlines should all be the same color, body copy should all be the same size and subheads should all match.

Second, check your slides page by page for text boxes that are not aligned properly. Check for alignment in headlines and content by rapidly flipping through page to page. If you notice anything out of line, you can be sure so will your viewer.

Third, if you've used graphics make sure they are all high-quality and of print resolution. As the old saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. If your images are not high-quality on-screen, they will not be high-quality off-screen.

Note: To ensure images are print quality, right click on any image in your document and select format picture. Select the Picture tab and click the compress button. In this display box, select apply to all pages, print resolution and deselect the compress pictures option.

Edgey Color

If you want your colors to butt right up to the edge, you want to create what is known as a bleed. A bleed is an extension of color over the trim size of any document that ensures when you project is printed and cut that your trim is clean and there is no white line between the trim and your color.

To achieve this in powerpoint is tricky since you cannot adjust the size of your document to accomodate a bleed (generally 1/8" on all sides). To workaround this, keep a healthy margin between the edge of your document and your content (graphics and text).

Actual page size in Powerpoint is 10" x 7.5" so what you'll need to do is enlarge your document by 117% when you go to PDF your document. This can be found under the print menu / properties button / layout tab / advanced button / graphic - scaling. Ensure that your page size is set to 11x17 to accommodate the extra bleed area. Since your document is not proportionally scaled, double check your converted PDF document.

To ensure everything in your document is properly aligned to accommodate the change in size, download our powerpoint brochure template and place in your master pages. This will help to know where your bleeds are and where you content should be.

» Download powerpoint brochure template
» (right click to save)

Powerpoint Brochure Template

Ready for print

Once your PowerPoint document is organized, you are ready for print. You can supply most printers with your PPT file but we suggest converting it to a print-ready PDF file. This will avoid font and computer-to-computer issues that may arise.

Don't know how to create a print-ready PDF? Click to read how to create a print quality PDF.

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Powerpoint Brochure Conversion

Your files are quickly converted into print-ready pdfs and sent directly back to you within 24 hours.

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